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I’m Dr. Mike, a Doctor of Chiropractic and I have been helping accident injury victims for the past 15 years throughout Snellville and surrounding areas. I find it a blessing that I am able to use my skills and contacts to help people in getting back to their feet after an accident in which they’ve been injured. I understand that an accident can be a life changing event. The outcome might change your outlook on life and also the way you live your life.

In short, life after an accident might not be easy, but I am here to help make it as comfortable as possible. If you’ve been in an accident, your first thought should be to call a doctor. Calling a doctor will not only help you to get medical attention quickly but also help your potential injury claim.


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Injured people call Doctors first!

Calling a doctor the first thing after an accident sends a clear signal to your insurance company that you were in dire need of medical attention. Even after your release from the hospital, you might be in considerable pain and it is a must that you should follow up with an accident injury specialist without any delay. Hiring an experienced attorney can make a world of difference in how your injury claim case goes. I can help you in choosing an attorney who’ll be just right for your needs. But remember, the first thing you need to do is call a doctor for your own health as well as for insurance purposes. Once you’re in need of an attorney in Snellville, I’ll readily help you with that. People are often denied their insurance claim because they delay in calling a doctor or seeking treatment. Don’t make that mistake. Call me today and I’ll help you in getting the maximum settlement as well as the world class treatment you deserve.

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Dr. Mike


After 15 years of helping accident injury victims in Snellville, Dr. Mike has seen it all. He’s seen cases where people were in need of extreme help in different areas, and he’s provided that help. Whether it is chiropractic or medical care, Dr. Mike is the best person to help you in these areas. He’s also helped his clients in getting back on their feet financially and physically.

He stresses that people should first call a doctor and then their lawyer as insurance companies will focus on this aspect when it comes to filing a claim.

Don’t injured people call doctors?

Only they can give you proof of injury to help your claim for compensation.


“Show the insurance company you’re seriously injured by calling me first. Then, at any point after, if you feel you need an attorney, I can recommend the perfect lawyer for you.”

Follow up with Dr. Mike once you’re released from the hospital and he’ll guide you in the right direction.


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Car Accident

Anyone who’s been in an accident knows that immediate medical care is of utmost importance. Dr. Mike is a chiropractic doctor offering his services to accidents victims in Snellville and surrounding areas. Through the years, he has realized that simple chiropractic services are not enough as most patients require in-depth diagnoses of their injuries for further treatment. This is why he has built relationships with doctors from various medical fields. Through these professionals relationships, he is able to guide his patients towards the right course of medical treatment.

He helps his patients in getting medical care ranging from chiropractic, physical therapy, orthopedic, spine care and much more. The teams of physicians working with Dr. Mike use a range of medical equipment from x-ray machines to CT scans, open MRI and Motion X-ray. Often, during accidents, people sustain injuries that need thorough medical examination before one could get treatment for the same. Through Dr. Mike’s efforts and experience in dealing with accident injury cases, he helps patients in getting the right kind of medical diagnoses so that they can recover from their injuries easily.

Dr. Mike’s office follows an open door policy and he offers consultation and treatment options to patients who might have been turned down by other practices. Patients can rest assured they will get proper care at Dr. Mike’s practice.

If you were injured in an accident, call Dr. Mike today to schedule an initial consultation.

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