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Whenever automobile accidents happen, there is always a risk that internal injuries might have taken place. While on the outside a person might look fine, these injuries can cause complications if not treated by a trained medical professional. Dr. Mike is a chiropractic doctor with ample experience in treating accidental injuries and helping his patients get legal help from experts. He has been offering his services for injury treatment in Atlanta and surrounding areas forĀ  more than 15 years and he has helped upwards of 50,000 patients in getting medical as well as legal assistance. Dr. Mike offers his services in areas such as: Chamblee, Snellville, Marietta, Jonesboro, Lithia Springs, Kennesaw, Conyers, and College Park.

Open MRI Scan Machines are Highly Advanced

Modern medical equipment can make a world of difference in correctly pin pointing the problem areas in a patient’s body. That’s why Dr. Mike works with medical professionals that offer open MRI Scanning Centres for diagnosing patients who have suffered injuries in automobile accidents. Traditional MRI machines can make a person feel claustrophobic but an open MRI scan machine has an open structure so that patients can lie in these machines in a comfortable manner while getting scanned. Also, there are times when a patient might not be able to fit into a regular MRI machine because of body size or he/she might feel uncomfortable lying still for the duration of the MRI scan, this is why open MRI service is ideal for such patients.

These high end machines are highly accurate and they also allow doctors to see injuries that might not be visible on the surface. This can help the doctors in providing treatment that is focused on the injury area. To know more about the complete range of services offered by Dr. Mike, please call 678-918-4031. You can also schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your injury case or the legal options that are available if you’ve been injured because of fault of others.

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