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Car Accidents

( Car Accident Chiropractor )


Car accidents can often lead to injuries that are internal and they are difficult to be treated with traditional medicine. A patient can only wait for the body to take its regular time for recovery and live in pain in the meanwhile. But there are other methods of treatment that can provide patients relief from pain and help in healing of the injury. Dr. Mike is a chiropractic doctor and his specialty is as a car accident chiropractor. He understands that whiplash and other neck injuries are most common type of injuries suffered in minor car accidents. He has over 15 years of chiropractic experience and he has helped over 50,000 patients in dealing with their injuries and understanding the legal options available to them in case of accidental injuries. He offers his services in Atlanta and areas such as: Chamblee, Snellville, Marietta, Jonesboro, Lithia Springs, Kennesaw, Conyers, and College Park.

He understands that a single medical discipline isn’t enough for all patients and all kinds of injuries. This is why he works with several medical practitioners such as spinal injury specialists, physical therapists, orthopedics, and medical doctors to ensure that a patient gets the best medical treatment. He also collaborates with medical centers that make use of modern technology like CT scan and open MRI scan to understand the injuries suffered by patients. Dr. Mike and his team work hard so that a patient can be set on the path to physical and financial recovery.

Dr. Mike suggests that in case you’re injured in a car accident for no fault of yours, the first person you should call must be your doctor. This will help you when you’re filing for insurance claim as the insurance company will understand that the extant of injury was such that immediate medical attention was needed. To schedule a free initial consultation with Dr. Mike for medical or legal assistance, please call 678-918-4031.

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