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Car accidents can often cause minor injuries that might start hurting some hours after the accident. You might still be in pain even after you’ve been released from the hospital. In such instances, you need to visit a chiropractor who can examine your injuries and provide medical help. If you’re looking for chiropractor in Marietta, you can call Dr. Mike and he’ll put you in touch with a chiropractor in Marietta.

Dr. Mike is a chiropractic doctor who has been helping people in dealing with post accident injuries for past many years. He has helped more than 50,000 people in dealing with their injuries and living a healthy life. Through the years, he has realized that simply the services of a chiropractor Marietta are not enough and that’s why he has worked with medical professionals in various areas to help patients in getting a complete range of medical benefits ranging from:

– Spine care
– Neurology
– Physical therapy
– Physiotherapy
– Laser treatment
– X-rays and much more.

Advantages of Contacting Dr. Mike


Dr. Mike has the experience and expertise to judge what kind of medical help you might need. He can put you in touch with the chiropractor in Marietta who has handled injuries similar to yours in the past. He understands that there can be multiple reasons for any kind of pain after an accident and it needs to be treated by the chiropractor Marietta who has expertise in handling car accident related injuries. He has also developed close relationships with medical practitioners such as physical therapists and spine specialists to provide a complete range of treatment options to his patients.

What’s more, in case you were injured because of negligence of others, you can also get help from Dr. Mike in order to contact a legal professional who will help you file a lawsuit on the other party. Dr. Mike suggests that you should always call a doctor first in case of a car accident as calling a lawyer first gives the insurance firms an indication that your injuries were not serious enough. This is often the reason why insurance firms deny claims because a person called a lawyer instead of a doctor. For more information on the complete range of services provided by Dr. Mike, please browse through this website. You can also call Dr. Mike at 678-918-4031 and talk to him directly and schedule a free initial consultation.

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