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Hello there, I’m Dr. Mike and I am a Doctor of Chiropractic. I feel that I am lucky to have helped more than 50,000 accident injury victims in the course of 15 years. I have worked in Marietta and surrounding areas to provide people with help if they’ve been injured in an accident. I understand that being in an accident can be a confusing experience at first and there are so many things on a person’s mind and you often don’t know who to call first or what to do.

A car accident is a whirlwind event that can make a profound life changing impact on a person. If you’re severely injured it might take you months or even years to get back on your feet and start living a regular life. If you’re injured in an accident, the first thing you should do is call a doctor. This will not only help you in getting prompt medical attention but also be the basis for future injury claim.


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Car Accident

Injured people call Doctors!

Calling a doctor after an accident establishes that you were seriously injured in the accident. Also, getting released from the hospital doesn’t mean that you’re not in pain, you must talk to an accident injury specialist without any delay. An experienced attorney will help you to build a strong case in the court of law and also get you the maximum settlement possible. Whether you need the best in medical attention or a legal expert that will represent you in the court, I can help you. Remember, insurance companies deny most claims because of delay in calling the doctor and getting medical attention, but if you call a doctor first thing after an accident, you’ve removed the first hurdle in getting the compensation as a result of the accident. Call today and let me help you get the care & settlement you deserve.

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Dr. Mike


Dr. Mike bring more than 15 years of experience in helping people in Marietta and surrounding areas. He can help you in getting in touch with the best chiropractic doctors in the region and also aid you in physical and financial recovery. But the first thing you should do is to get medical help for your injuries and you can follow up with the legal action later. There is a simple reasoning behind this, an insurance company is more likely to award settlement to a person who called the doctor first than a person who simply called up his lawyer after the accident.

Don’t injured people call doctors?

Only they can give you proof of injury to help your claim for compensation.


“Show the insurance company you’re seriously injured by calling me first. Then, at any point after, if you feel you need an attorney, I can recommend the perfect lawyer for you.”

Even if you’ve already been released from the hospital, following up with Dr. Mike should be your next step.


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Dr. Mike works with a highly experienced team of personal injury doctors, giving you the care you need, such as:

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Car Accident

An accident can be a life-changing experience. Without proper medical care and attention, a person might suffer from injuries that can have a long-term impact. Dr. Mike, a chiropractor offering his services in Marietta and nearby areas specializes in offering medical assistance to people who’ve been injured in accidents. He also helps them in exploring legal options available for them.

In his career of helping people for more than 15 years, Dr. Mike realized that simple chiropractic care is not enough and accident victims need a deeper level of care. This is why he worked hard and developed business relations with medical practitioners from several fields. Now, whether his patients need chiropractic care, physical therapy, spine care or orthopedic care, he can guide them in the right direction. The medical teams he works with are comprised of well trained and experienced professionals that use modern medical devices for examination as well as treatment.

At Dr. Mike’s office, he believes that anyone who is in need for medical or legal help should not be turned away. That’s why he follows an open-door policy in his office and helps people even if they’ve been turned down by other agencies. Often people are injured for no fault of their own and such cases can fetch as much as $25,000 in injury benefits.

Call Dr. Mike today if you or anyone you know has been injured in an accident.

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