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Hello, I’m Dr. Mike and, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I’ve helped more than 50,000 accident injury victims in the Chamblee area and surrounding regions. For more than 15 years, I have helped people in getting through the difficult process after an accident, so they can heal, recover and live a regular life once more. I understand that an accident can be a life changing occurrence and it can be confusing to figure out what to do next in the aftermath of an accident. There are just two things that you need to be mindful of, your health and your potential injury claim.

And if you should be calling anyone first, it should be the doctor.


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Car Accident

Injured people call Doctors!

In the event of an accident, calling a doctor first makes sense, as it not only ensures that you’ll get quick medical attention but it also shows the insurance company that you’re seriously injured. You might be in pain even after being released from the hospital and you should get in touch with an accident injury specialist soon. Once you’ve taken the advice and treatment from the doctors, you need to call an accident injury specialist in Chamblee. I’d recommend hiring a professional accident injury attorney and you’ll have a much stronger case on your hands if you visit a doctor first and then the attorney. When the insurance company knows that you called a doctor first, they’ll know the extant of your injuries. I can also help you in getting an attorney who’d help you with your case. You should know that most claims are denied because claimants delay getting medical treatment. This can give the insurance companies a reason to say no to your claim. So, call me today and I will help you in getting the care and settlement that’s meant for you.

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Dr. Mike


Dr. Mike has spent more than 15 years in helping accident injury victims in Chamblee. He can not only help you in getting the medical attention you need, but also get you in touch with doctors and chiropractors that offer best physical and financial recovery. Remember, if you’re hurt in an accident in Chamblee area, get medical attention first and then call a lawyer.

Look at it from an insurance company’s point of view, who’d you award a settlement to? A person who called the lawyer first, or a doctor?

Don’t injured people call doctors?

Only they can give you proof of injury to help your claim for compensation.


“Show the insurance company you’re seriously injured by calling me first. Then, at any point after, if you feel you need an attorney, I can recommend the perfect lawyer for you.”

Even if you’ve already been released from the hospital, following up with Dr. Mike should be your next step.


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Dr. Mike works with a highly experienced team of personal injury doctors in Chamblee, giving you the care you need, such as:

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Car Accident

Accident injury victims need immediate medical care and attention after an accident. Dr. Mike offers chiropractic care in Chamblee and surrounding areas, but there are times when that is simple not enough. This is why he has teamed up with medical professionals from a wide range of disciplines. He believes that every patient needs the best care possible whether it chiropractic, orthopedic, physical therapy or more. By providing advanced medical equipment, Dr. Mike and team make it possible for patients to recover quickly and comfortably.

As with accident injuries, they need proper diagnoses otherwise, any injuries can flare up in the future and cause long-term problems. Dr. Mike ensures that patients are checked thoroughly so that they can get complete information and treatment for any injuries they might have sustained in the accident.

Dr. Mike’s office also has an open door policy and even if a patient has been turned down by other practices, Dr. Mike will surely offer consultation and treatment. In cases where a person is not at fault for the accident, the injury benefits can start from $25,000 which can be ample amount for treatment.

If you or anyone you know has been injured in an accident, call Dr. Mike today to schedule an initial consultation.

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